Comprehensive Connections strives to provide a safe
and healthy workplace for all employees. The following  
pandemic flu policy outlines our overall response to a
pandemic flu outbreak and our emergency preparedness
and business continuity plan. It outlines specific steps
Comprehensive Connections takes to safeguard
employees' health and well-being during a flu pandemic,
while ensuring Comprehensive Connections' ability to
maintain essential operations and continue providing
essential services to our customers. In addition, it
provides guidance on how we intend to respond to
specific operational and human resource issues in the
event of a pandemic.


Click HERE for current information from The State of

Click HERE for current information from The Chicago Department of
Public Health

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Local Resources

Crossroads Community Hospital - Mt. Vernon           (618) 244-5500
SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital - Mt. Vernon   (618) 242-4600
Litton Ambulance Service - Mt. Vernon                      (618) 244-3111
Mt Vernon Police Department                                    (618) 242-2727
Jefferson County Sherriff's Office                              (618) 244-8015
Jefferson County Health Department                         (618) 244-7134
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Pandemic Flu Policy
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