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The Substance Abuse Division of Comprehensive Connections is here to help.  Substance abuse takes many forms in today’s society. If
you are suffering from an addiction to alcohol, illegal or prescription drugs, we can give you the opportunity to make your life better through
a drug free lifestyle.

Detox – The first stage of treatment for many people. Comprehensive Connections offers non-medical, Medically monitored detox services
24 hours a day. Comprehensive Connections provides transportation to and from Detox in 18 counties of Southern Illinois.
Call Detox 24 hours a day / 7 days a week at 1(618)242-1510 option 4.

Residential Treatment – Inpatient services is a more intense level of treatment for individuals with severe or long term substance abuse
addictions.  It is appropriate for individuals that are unable to remain abstinent from alcohol or other drugs in an Out-Patient setting.  It
offers individuals the opportunity to focus on recovery, free from outside distractions and negative influences.  Clients receive education,
participate in group therapy sessions and receive private sessions with an assigned counselor while in this level of care. Call during regular
business hours at (618)242-1510 option 4.

Outpatient Treatment – Outpatient counseling for adolescences and adults can be done on an individual, group or family basis. In some
cases, outpatient counseling can be used to meet DUI requirements. Services provided at this level of care include education, group
therapy sessions and individual counseling. Call Vantage Point during regular business hours for more information.

Phone: (618) 242-1510 Option 3
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